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1 - ATB - Contact (Album) (2014)
2 - DJ Mag Top 250 2018
3 - Armin Van Buuren - Mirage
4 - Paul Van Dyk - Evolution (Album)
5 - Dash Berlin - We Are (Album) (2014)
6 - Tiesto - In Search Of Sunrise 8 Africa
7 - Above & Beyond - Group Therapy (Album)
8 - Armin van Buuren Discography
9 - Above & Beyond - Trance Around The World 450 India (09-11-2012)
10 - Armin van Buuren - A State Of Trance Episode 600 + SDB
11 - Paul Oakenfold - POP Killer (Album)
12 - Armin van Buuren - A State Of Trance 550
13 - Swedish House Mafia - One Night Stand (Live Album)
14 - V.A. - A State of Trance 2012 (Mixed by Armin van Buuren)
15 - Emma Hewitt - Burn The Sky Down (Album)
16 - Medina - Welcome To Medina (Album)
17 - ATB - The DJ 6 In The Mix
18 - Cosmic Gate - Discography 1999 - 2010
19 - Cosmic Gate - Wake Up Your Mind (Album)
20 - ATB - Distant Earth (Album)
21 - Chicane - Giants (New Album)
22 - Swedish House Mafia - Until One (Album)
23 - Aly & Fila - Discography 2003 - 2010
24 - Gareth Emery - Northern Lights [Garuda]
25 - Anjunabeats - Volume 8 Mixed By Above & Beyond
26 - Super8 & Tab - Empire (Album 2010)
27 - Armin van Buuren - A State Of Trance Episode 550 Launch-Party At Ministry Of Sound, London (01-03-2012) + SDB
28 - ATB - The Sunset Beach DJ Session [Kontor Records]
29 - Scooter - The Fifth Chapter (Album) (2014)
30 - Armin van Buuren – Mirage (The Remixes)

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